Becoming An Influencer

 Hey Hun, Glad you've made it
 If you're Here it means you were hand picked to join our team of influencers 


 By participating, you will receive a free product in return for a simple post on your Instagram page (not on your story) with a positive caption using our hashtag #cocoshine and tagging our page @cocoshineau
If your post is Quality, and gets great engagement, we may feature you on our Instagram or even make you a paid influencer for future posts.


 Making a Quality Post 



Step 1. Take a Quality Photo

The photo should have good lighting and be appealing to look at
Your followers love YOU, taking a photo of yourself holding the product is better than just the product

Smile, it looks good on you :)



Step 2. Use a Creative Caption

You can modify the caption to make it your own, just make sure you use our hashtag #cocoshine and tag our page @cocoshineau


* Can't believe this black stuff whitens your teeth 😍 @cocoshineau #cocoshine 
* My little secret weapon 😁 @cocoshineau #cocoshine
* Always a reason to smile with @cocoshineau 👌🏽 #cocoshine
* Big shout out to @cocoshineau for keeping my smile bright ❤️  #cocoshine
* Bye Bye coffee stains 👋🏽@cocoshineau #cocoshine



Step 3. Get Inspired!

How will your post look? Will it be a photo or a boomerang?

Stand out from the rest by coming up with a unique post of you with the product!

Great post ideas:
1. Smiling in the bathroom with the product
2. Lounging on the couch or bed with the product
3. Take a photo with a friend with the product




 We are glad to have you join us! Don't forget to reply back to the email you received with your postal address to receive your free product!