14 Hollywood Skincare Secrets You Must Try

14 Hollywood Skincare Secrets You Must Try

14 Hollywood Skincare Secrets You Must Try

Have you ever wondered how celebrities deal with problems like oily skin and hormonal acne?

Well babe, that's exactly what you're about to find out.

The 14 secrets in this article belong to Hollywood skincare expert Kate Somerville.

And if A-list celebrities trust her with their skin, then you can too.

Let's get started with secret number 1 ...

Skincare Secret 1. Exfoliate and hydrate to combat oily skin

People with oily skin often believe they don’t need to hydrate since they produce a lot of oil.

But that's just another common misconception.

If you have oily skin, you should always exfoliate and follow up with proper hydration.

Kate recommends hydrating with hyaluronic acid-containing products and oil-free moisturizers.

Skincare Secret 2. Take care of hormonal acne with birth control

That's right, birth control regulates your hormones and helps limit those nasty breakouts.

But what if you don't respond well to birth control?

Don't worry, Kate's next secret has got you covered.

Skincare Secret 3. Eat a hormone-free diet

Hormones are sometimes added to the conventional food products you eat every day.

The result?


And that's exactly why Kate chooses organic - especially when it comes to dairy and meat.

Skincare Secret 4. Add chlorophyll to your water

This secret came straight from Reese Witherspoon in a 2011 issue of InStyle!

“If I start to get blemishes, I add chlorophyll to my water and my skin clears up in three days.”

And why does it work?

Because chlorophyll helps regulate hormones to keep breakouts at bay.

Skincare Secret 5. Use probiotics to keep your skin healthy

Kate knows there are many probiotics on the market to choose from.

That's why she offers an important piece of advice:

Whichever probiotic you do use, make sure it's refrigerated when you buy it.

And when you take it home, keep it refrigerated.

Skincare Secret 6. Consider LED light treatments

Kate recommends LED light treatments to keep your skin clear.

"Why," you ask?

Because LED light treatments are effective at killing acne-causing bacteria.

Skincare Secret 7. Pop your pimples properly to prevent acne scars

Everyone knows you should avoid popping your pimples ...

But at the same time, no one likes walking around with a massive white head.

That's why Kate is much more practical in her approach to pimple-popping.

She teaches her clients how to pop their pimples properly.

Here's how Kate does it:

1) Make sure you wrap your fingers in toilet paper before extracting a pimple.

2) If the white head is not clearly present yet, use a lancet to extract the underlying pus.

This ensures you don’t squeeze too hard and cause damage to the surrounding skin.

Remember to be careful if you do want to pop your pimple!

If you do it wrong, your can tear your skin and cause lasting redness.

Skincare Secret 8. After popping a pimple, treat the area with these 2 ingredients

Kate recommends using Hydrocortisone and Neosporin.

1) Hydrocortisone will help reduce the redness around the pimple.

2) Neosporin will speed up the healing process.

Skincare Secret 9. Get rid of dark under-eye circles with this ingredient

Kate recommends being more selective with your eye creams.

In particular, you should choose an eye cream with retinol.

It will help clear up those pesky dark under-eye circles.

Skincare Secret 10. Use green tea and ice-cold spoons to treat puffy eye bags

Suffer from puffy eye bags?

Here's Kate's 4-step cure!

1) Steep green tea bags in warm water

2) While you are waiting, put 2 spoons in ice cold water.

3) Apply the tea bags to your under-eye area for 5 mins.

4) After you remove the tea bags, apply eye cream and massage it in using the ice-cold spoons.

The caffeine and low temperature help restrict the skin and fight puffiness.

We can't wait to give this one a try!

Skincare Secret 11. Exfoliate away your tiny skin bumps

It's very common for oil to get trapped under your skin.

The result?

Tiny, little, annoying bumps.

And how do you get rid of these bumps?


Here are Kate's simple tips for selecting a good exfoliating product:

1) Make sure the scrubbing beads are extremely fine so they don’t tear the skin

2) The product should contain the ingredients AHA and lactic acid

Skincare Secret 12. Shave your face

Kate says shaving acts as an exfoliant and removes dead skin cells.

In fact, she has been doing it ever since she learned it from a top Hollywood actress.

If you want to give this a try, Kate recommends using a high-quality razor like a man would use.

And no, your hair will not grow back thicker.

That's a total myth.

Skincare Secret 13. The 4 key steps for skin care in your 20s

1) Exfoliate

2) Hydrate

3) Moisturize

4) Use a retinol

Kate recommends exfoliating twice a week in your 20s.

And when you're in your 30s, increase to trice a week.

Make sure your moisturizer has SPF to protect you from sun damage.

And pick products with antioxidants (Vitamins A, C, and E) to fight free radicals.

Skincare Secret 14. Retinols are the best ingredients you can use to prevent aging

Kate suggests choosing a retinol product wrapped in a moisturizing lipid.

This allows it to melt into your skin and penetrate the deeper layers.

And if you are looking to buy one at the drugstore, here is what you should look for:

1) Not too intense to avoid excessive drying and peeling

2) Time released

3) Coupled with hyaluronic acid for hydration

That's all for today, babe!

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Until next time

- Coco Shine xx

P.S. You can find Kate's full interview with the LadyGang here. 

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